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Castelforte Prosecco Extra Dry

Name: Castelforte Prosecco Extra Dry
Price: 99,90 NOK
Type: White
Alcohol: 11 %
Item number: 11120
Flaskstorlek: 75 cl

SB=Vinmonopolet, BS=Order, RS=Restaurant

The wine

Castelforte Prosecco proposes a fantastic quality and incredible value. This straw-yellow colour with greenish lights, have a small and fine persistent perlage. It is truly elegant, and displays intense aromas of pear and green apple with floral notes.

It brings an incredible freshness, harmonious and rounded with a citrusy acidity that cleanly cut through the slight sweetness, leaving a pleasant lingering finish reminiscent of walnuts. The wine is made of 100% Glera and have 11% alcohol.


Origin – The making.
Our Castelforte Prosecco Extra Dry comes from the hillside vineyards in the most western area of the Prosecco zone, around the towns of Vicenza and Padova.

After gently pressing the grapes, the must is settled at 10°C and fermented at a temperature of 15°C. The sparkling fermentation takes place in tanks at 14°C. Once the pressure has reached 4,5 bars, the wine is chilled to stop the yeast activity. It has maturation on yeast lees for around 3 months.


Castelforte Prosecco Extra Dry is a wine that is ready to enjoy today, but you can keep it for 1 year.


Food pairing.

Perfect as aperitif, and to pair a wide range of food: From fish, chicken and seafood.

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