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Moscato Salton Intenso

Name: Moscato Salton Intenso
Price: 95,90 NOK
Type: Other Sparkling wine
Alcohol: 7,5 %
Item number: 12221
Flaskstorlek: 75 cl

SB=Vinmonopolet, BS=Order, RS=Restaurant

The wine

Moscato Salton Intenso is with no doubt the most refreshing and exotic sweet sparkling wine of Scandinavia. It presents itself in a clear bright greenish color, with persistent fine bubbles and white fine foam. Aromas of white flowers, citrus, apple, lovely peach, geranium and aromas of tropical fruit and honey. An unexpected but welcomed acidity balance the wine, leaving a clean aftertaste with creamy fruity taste in the mouth.


Origin – The making.
Moscato Salton Intenso comes from Serra Gaucha in Brasil, from a soil not deep but rich in organic material, where the Moscato vinayards gorws 640m above sea level. The must is fermented in airtight stainless still tanks (Charmat Method) at a low temperature with yeasts specially selected so that the product can preserve the primary floral and tropical aromas of the grape variety.

Moscato Salton Intenso is definitely a wine that is ready to enjoy today as it is better when fresh and young but can be kept for over a year without loosing its swetnes and freshness.


Food pairing.

Desserts such as cakes, fruit salad, mousse, flan, cream, pizza, biscuit, ice cream and Gorgonzola cheese. It can also be served as an aperitif.


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