Ways to market

Travel Retail

We place great emphasis on managing the ability to market our products even in a free and deregulated market.

Travel-Retail is Wine Partners second focus as a channel to develop sales and brand awareness for our Producers. It is an extremely competitive arena that requires wiling to invest and demands precision in the execution.

Wine Partners is proud to have its products on ARG (Airport Retail Group) duty free operator in Norwegian & Swedish airports. We proud also to supply our wines to Norway’s largest passenger shipping company Color Line.

Considering the heavy regulation over advertising for alcoholic products, we invest in Travel retail not only as a business on itself, but as part of our marketing strategy to enrich the value of our brands.


Horeca has a very specific place in our business model. We plan product placement in few selected bistros and independent restaurants with strategic location and good volume of clients through our “House wine” proposal.



Vinmonopolet 289 shops – a modern chain with a social responsibility

A key element in Norwegian alcohol policy has been to remove the private profit motive from sales of wine, spirits and strong beer. As a result, Vinmonopolet is wholly owned by the state.

Vinmonopolet 2Although alcohol policy involves complex possibilities and dilemmas, all countries with a more liberal sales structure than Norway have substantially higher per capita consumption – often as much as double. Greater use of alcohol carries higher costs in the form of ill-health and social damage. Vinmonopolet is accordingly an important instrument for making wine, spirits and strong beer available in a form acceptable for society and public health.

Eliminating the profit motive gives Vinmonopolet room to manoeuvre in meeting key social objectives, such as securing responsible social control of sales. As a retail chain, the company must operate with the emphasis on responsibility, service and cost-efficiency.