Winepartners Norway

Reception tableWinepartners Norway is the natural outcome from the organic expansion of the Beverage Group by TGS invests. With an annual turnover over € 50.000.000 and ranked amongst the top 10 importers in Sweden, extending our concept to Norway was the natural next step.

Our concept is all about wines of high quality, with the right price, in all price segments. It has proven to be a big success in Sweden, as it is in Norway from day one.

We develop our concept with strong work ethic, market knowledge, solid network and capability to invest towards a clear goal: build long lasting business for our partners, and develop
charismatic products of great value to consumers.

What we do

We create distribution within the Norwegian market for selected wine producers focusing in 3 lines of costumers: The Monopoly, the Travel Retail, and HoReCa, in that order. To do so, we generate valuable proposals for each line of costumers, using quality referents, competitive prices and a vast network of alternative channels for promotion.

With a deep understanding of the Monopoly system, we adjust and apply best practices from open market and FMCG into the Monopoly framework. As a result, many of our best sellers products were build from the zero after searching for consumers’ insight. No tenders, no shortcuts.

Winepartners Nordic will never be a “collector of producers”. We consciously chose to represent few wineries to deliver a high performance. We consider our producers as partners: We give full commitment and focus and certainly expect the same.